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What Our Customers Have Said

  • "EasyCall Report is amazing . This software has made filing Call Reports practically stress-free. The edit check feature is invaluable in checking and correcting incorrect entries. Plus, by using the Performance Ratios and Prior Period Comparison Reports, I can instantly see changes in growth patterns and totals - all with the click of a button. Thanks for all your help. The Call Report is easier with EasyCall Report. - Virginia Weninger, Vice President - Tri County Bank & Trust, Roachdale, Indiana
  • "I had need of your wonderful phone support on several occasions. My questions were answered accurately and thoroughly.  Prior to my purchasing of your system, I have used both of the other national vendors call report software. I switched from one vendor because of a $600 per year price difference ... changes in the call report on Schedule RC-R required another calculation and my former vendor decided to place an additional charge on this new procedure. People who know me, know that I want value for goods and/or services I purchase for the bank and I get it all from EasyCall Report. Y'all are the best dollar value product of your type on the market."  - Mike Sullivan, Senior Vice President & Cashier - First State Bank, Yoakum, Texas
  • EasyCall Report has been a wonderful asset to our bank. I have tried other Call Report software, and have found none that is easier and more convenient to use."  - Donald A. Ross, Jr., Cashier - State Bank of Concrete, Concrete, Washington
  • "EasyCall Report is the easiest, most user-friendly software I have ever seen or used. Once I tried the demo disk, I was hooked. The on screen graphics and instructions make filing much easier than ever before. Your tech support (what few time I have needed them) are extremely knowledgeable and very friendly.  EasyCall Report is a remarkable product that makes filing so much less cumbersome and definitely less intimidating. I recommend it to any bank that has to file Call Reports."  - Randy Hutchinson, Vice President & Cashier - Bank of Southwest at Roswell, Roswell, New Mexico
  • "I really like EasyCall Report's download feature. It saves time and I can check my pointers against my GL. The edit feature is the most important - you can decide if you want to leave a number or not. I would be lost without it!  I tried doing the Call Report by hand - I would never go back to doing that way." - Sharlotte Boyd, Vice President & Cashier - Texline State Bank, Texline, Texas