EasySOD Summary of Deposits Software

The Most Advanced Reporting System of its Kind

EasySOD is the most intuitive and powerful system available for preparing and electronically submitting your Summary of Deposits (SOD) Report to the FDIC.

EasySOD simplifies preparing the report by taking the guesswork out of the FDIC codes and instructions.

There are no edit checks required in EasySOD. That's because the system prevents the errors from occurring during data entry.  For example, the Change Code you select determines which office data fields may be changed.

Complete FDIC Instructions are included in SOD.

Context-Sensitive Help & Support
A complete, context-sensitive Help system is available online in EasySOD.  Also, unlimited toll-free technical support is available.

Deposits Market Share Reporting is included free in EasySOD.  Access bank name, address, and deposit SOD data for every bank branch in the U.S.  Generate reports such as an analysis of all the bank offices in your bank's market area, including the deposit total last reported for each.  Compare each of your bank office's share of the deposit market, with your competitors' share.  Use this information to set realistic market share targets for each of your branch offices.  Export report data to spreadsheets, databases and data files for further analysis and manipulation.  EasySOD is an invaluable bank management tool!

And remember, using EasySOD to submit your report electronically extends your filing deadline.


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