EasyY-9C Large Bank Holding Company Suite

Your Best Choice for Preparing the FRB Large Bank Holding Company Reports

This powerful software suite allows you to easily prepare, validate and submit FR Y-9C, FR Y-9LP, FR Y-9ES, FR Y-11/s, FR Y-6 and FR Y-8 reports to the FRB.

Hundreds of Federal Reserve Bank edit checks alert you to possible data errors before you submit your reports.  They are the very same edit checks used by the FRB after you submit your Report, so there are no surprises.

FRB Instructions are included, both in their entirety and as context-sensitive help as you enter data.

Quickly import data automatically from your subsidiary bank call reports and supporting Federal Reserve reports.  And, you can review and print detailed audit trails for these import procedures.

Electronically submit your FR Y-9C, FR Y-9ES, FR Y-9LP, FR Y-8, FR Y-11 and FR Y-11s reports directly to the FRB.

This system is so easy to use.  On-line help and instructions are an integral part of the system.  If you are familiar with EasyCALL-CDR, you will find there is no learning curve.

Unlimited, toll-free technical support from dependable professionals.


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