Here are the Current FFIEC CDR System Status, Known FFIEC Edit Issues and other important information.

CDR System Status:  The CDR system is available.

Known Edit Issues:

Issue:  Edit R7020.6580 (031) or R7020.6581 (041/051) fails.

Solution:  The FDIC has notified us that these edits are obsolete and 
           will be removed for June.  For March, please enter an explanation that 
       no deduction is required on RC-R, item 24 per the instructions.

Issue:  Edit R7020.6545 fails but cannot be explained.

Solution:   If the data is correct, an explanation may be manually made:
·                Click Submit Call Report. 
·                Choose “Special Override”.
·                Enter the edit name and a short explanation.
·                Click “Close”.
·                Submit the report.

Last Update:  04/30/2018 3:03 PM PST
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