Please bring this to the attention of your bank’s Chief Financial Officer.

Announcing EasyALM!
A Comprehensive Asset Liability Management Solution
with an available CECL ALLL feature
Now Available in EasyCall Report!

As an added benefit for our valued customers, we have expanded the scope of EasyCall Report to include a comprehensive Asset Liability Management (ALM) solution.

EasyALM is now available as a fully integrated module within EasyCall Report. This is a turn-key ALM solution that has already been fully configured and customized for your bank using your Call Report data.

EasyALM  provides Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity Risk and other related regulatory reports for your ALCO and enables you to make actionable decisions to enhance the value of your bank on a daily basis.

To fully understand EasyALM, register for a free tutorial by clicking here.

EasyALM  includes IRR measurement and management reports for your ALCO – from the smallest to the very largest institution.

EasyALM is the leading regulatory and internal management risk reporting solution for banks. You can be confident EasyALM reports will satisfy your ALCO needs because they are specifically designed for your bank.

EasyALM in EasyCall Report provides many apps and reports using your bank’s data:

Dashboard: Reports:
Peer Group Comparisons EVE
Bank Performance EaR
Business Performance Liquidity Gap
Liquidity Coverage Ratio Model Assumptions
Director’s Dashboard
Market Overview: Management Executive Summary
Relative Values
Market Trends
Market Indications


EasyALM is a product built over many years to enable banks to gain access to comprehensive risk and profitability analyses cost effectively without sacrificing measurement accuracy.

To learn more about EasyALM contact customer support at [email protected].