EasyCall Report including EasyALM

Today’s Most Effective Call Report Preparation Software

DBI Financial Systems, Inc. has been providing banks with regulator-certified EasyCall Report Call Report preparation software for over 25 years.  Today’s EasyCall Report is the most effective and dependable software of its type available. 

EasyCall Report includes EasyALM, a comprehensive Asset Liability Management (ALM) solution.

EasyALM is configured and customized for your bank using your Call Report data. EasyALM satisfies all Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity, Stress Test, Contingency Funding Plan, Credit, Budgeting and other related regulatory guidelines and enables you to make actionable decisions to enhance the value of your bank on a daily basis. Because it’s an integral part of EasyCall Report.

Thousands of FFIEC edit checks are part of EasyCall Report.  They are the very same edit checks used by the CDR after you submit your Call Report, so there are no surprises.

FFIEC Instructions are included both in their entirety and as context-sensitive help as you enter data. The look and feel of EasyCall Report is familiar as the software you’re used to, whether it’s Sheshunoff (now Jack Henry), Call Reporter (now FIS) or FedReporter. 

We’re so sure you’ll like EasyCall Report we’ll send it to you as a trial offer.

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More Reasons to Choose EasyCall Report

More Reasons to Choose EasyCall Report

  • EasyALM is a complete ALM solution included with EasyCall Report.

  • Leading-edge technology automatically Customizes the Call Report for your bank.   Included Free!

  • Automatically import core data with our Time-Saving Data Import Tool EasyFILL.   Included Free!

  • Schedule RC-R is prepared easily with the EasyCALL Regulatory Capital Worksheet.   Included Free!

  • Data entry screens and printed schedules look just like the FFIEC Call Report.

  • Automatically update EasyCall Report each quarter via the Internet.

  • Communicates with FFIEC CDR directly as you prepare, validate and submit.

  • Verify data with CDR Edit Checks as you enter data.

  • Complete FFIEC Instructions and help may be displayed as you enter data.

  • Audit notes may be entered for any report line item.

  • On-screen calculator transfers values into Call Report line items.

  • Performance Ratios Report designed for management compares current and prior quarters.

  • Annual Disclosure Statement may be printed and is suitable for publication.

  • Small Bank Holding Company report, FR Y-9SP.   Included Free!

  • Toll-free technical support from dependable professionals is unlimited.

EasyCall Report Features Users Comment On

Seamless Connection to the CDR:  Connect to the CDR from within EasyCall Report seamlessly.  No Internet Explorer or other browser is needed.

Download Prior Quarter Data:  Automatically download eight prior quarter’s data from the FFIEC Central Data Repository (CDR) with one click – without leaving EasyCall Report.  There is no need to pick and download each quarter, one-at-a-time, from the CDR web site.

Verify With CDR Edits:  Perform all the CDR edits in EasyCall Report.  Submit a clean Call Report and receive a “Call Report Accepted” email from the CDR.

Submit Your Report:  You can submit your Call Report directly to the CDR – without leaving EasyCall Report.  And, you won’t accidentally submit a test Call Report as an official Call Report.