What Our Customers Have Said

“I had need of your wonderful phone support on several occasions. My questions were answered accurately and thoroughly.  Prior to my purchasing of your system, I have used both of the other national vendors call report software. I switched from one vendor because of a $600 per year price difference … changes in the call report on Schedule RC-R required another calculation and my former vendor decided to place an additional charge on this new procedure. People who know me, know that I want value for goods and/or services I purchase for the bank and I get it all from EasyCall Report. Y’all are the best dollar value product of your type on the market.” 

Mike Sullivan

Senior Vice President & Cashier, First State Bank, Yoakum, Texas

“I like using EasyCall Report because it is so easy to use. The edit checks make verifying the call report data simple. The electronic transmission is so easy, with a couple of clicks and I’ve filed my Call Report. Technical support is just great! I often spoke to the same representative, someone who know me and walks me through the process at my level.” 

Iva Brown

Cashier, Lakeside Bank, Salina, Oklahoma

“I really like EasyCall Report’s download feature. It saves time and I can check my pointers against my GL. The edit feature is the most important – you can decide if you want to leave a number or not. I would be lost without it!  I tried doing the Call Report by hand – I would never go back to doing that way.”

Sharlotte Boyd

Vice President & Cashier, Texline State Bank, Texline, Texas

“It gives me an even greater degree of assurance in a product when the developer calls users to ask how they like and use the product, and how they can make it better.   EasyCall Report has been an excellent addition to the various software products our bank has purchased over the past five years, to assist the bank in handling ongoing technology requirements. Our bank has been using EasyCall Report for several years and we have found it has reduced the man-hours required in preparation, increased efficiency, reduced typing errors, and produced a truly professional looking document with a laser printer.”

Bob Wilson

President, First Bank & Trust Company, Bartlett, Texas

“EasyCall Report is amazing . This software has made filing Call Reports practically stress-free. The edit check feature is invaluable in checking and correcting incorrect entries. Plus, by using the Performance Ratios and Prior Period Comparison Reports, I can instantly see changes in growth patterns and totals – all with the click of a button. Thanks for all your help. The Call Report is easier with EasyCall Report.”

Virginia Weninger

Vice President, Tri County Bank & Trust, Roachdale, Indiana

“EasyCall Report has been a wonderful asset to our bank. I have tried other Call Report software, and have found none that is easier and more convenient to use.”

Donald A. Ross, Jr.

Cashier, State Bank of Concrete, Concrete, Washington

“EasyCall Report is the easiest, most user-friendly software I have ever seen or used. Once I tried the demo disk, I was hooked. The on screen graphics and instructions make filing much easier than ever before. Your tech support (what few time I have needed them) are extremely knowledgeable and very friendly.  EasyCall Report is a remarkable product that makes filing so much less cumbersome and definitely less intimidating. I recommend it to any bank that has to file Call Reports.”

Randy Hutchinson

Vice President & Cashier, Bank of Southwest at Roswell, Roswell, New Mexico

“The First National Bank of Powhatan Point has been using the Call Report service of EasyCall Report for about two years. Response time to call for support has always been exceptional. If you are considering electronic filing of your Call Report, I would heartily recommend favorable consideration be given EasyCall Report”

Howard O. Hopkins

President, The First National Bank of Powhatan Point, Powhatan, Ohio

“EasyCall Report was my first experience with Call Report software. The screens are so inviting and easy to understand.  I had to leave EasyCall Report due to anticipated computer changes at the bank. However, the changes were not implemented. Reporting without EasyCall Report, I had “almost tears” Call Report deadlines … I knew it was time to move on.  My decision was EasyCall Report … AGAIN … its good to be back!!”

Jan Windoffer

Vice President & Cashier, The Farmers Bank of Liberty, Liberty, Illinois

“I enjoy the EasyCall Report program. We used to do our Call Report by hand and it took several days. Now, once I have my information gathered, I can get it done in one day. It checks for accuracy and cross checks corresponding schedules. It prints the entire Call Report, so no typing is involved. I’m looking forward to electronically sending our Call Report next quarter.”

Susan Sanders

Assistant Cashier, Bonanza Valley State Bank, Brooten, Minnesota